Laurina Nieukerke

IncluSIF focusses on opportunities where investments can generate financial returns through helping meet pressing social challenges.

Founder Laurina Nieukerke has been building an Impact Investing eco-system since 2013. With her team she has built on a considerable track record in Impact Investing, and specific in Social Impact Bonds. She convinced impact investing can pave the way for more effective, proactive investment across the public and private sectors and help move talent and capital interested in both social and financial returns.

As a financial intermediary, including fund manager, IncluSIF is dedicated to achieve social impact, through creating a culture of innovating solutions for addressing crucial social problems.
As a team we believe in a multi stakeholder approach, as an intermediary we create partnerships between investors, entrepreneurs, companies and government.

This website is currently being updated to create more impact.

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We see too often good ideas and Social enterprises struggling to access the capital needed to establish and growth their business, we seek and develop alternative financing options.